Little wonderland

Before Christmas time I was wandering how you get to make a mural as big as a skyscraper or decorating shop windows. One day, in the end of November, lady called me and ask me can I illustrate a winter story on glass panels of winter terrace.

The whole terrace is in glass panels, 2 panels on a sides are 2,5 meters long each, and 2 panels on a bottom are 3,6 meters long each, glass doors are made with 4 panels in different dimensions – but equals the panels on a bottom… and hight is 3,5 meters.

I’ve meet my client, and listened what she wanted.. Her idea was a winter story with all the right elements of wonderland. I’ve made a first scheme and in my mind was a winter in woods with animals like rabbits, foxes, deers… So client and I made corrections on scheme to get her idea to life.

The deadline was 3rd of December, and I’ve got about 6 days. That much I was illustrating glass panels, 6 long days, without any pattern, all made by hand with a chalk-like marker.

Experience was amazing – the neighbours were happy to see change, and seeing everyday something new, kids were recognising some elements of the story’s about Santa, one kid even try to lick candy cane…

I’m so tankful for this job opportunity, it was fun a bit hard, but in the end I was proud to be a magic maker for a neighbours and guests to enjoy winter wonderland in the favourite coffee bar. 🙂

Usual things in unusual times

No matter how weird or unusual times we endure one thing is always the same- buying food! I love to go to green market, mostly because of fresh products and supporting small businesses. It is good to know your seller and sometimes they will give you information that are pure jewel when you are in need of something, like fixing a car or buying tobacco 🙂

Well, these people are interesting and some of them are like characters made for a cartoon or they look as they come from one… And I’ve made a small hommage to them.. Faces that reminded me that time changes but urges and some things remain the same- like characters at the green market.

This guy works at the green market. He is selling cauliflower for amazing price.. and he’s cauliflower is one of a kind -fresh from the soil, fresh from a ground. If you buy a cauliflower he’ll offer you a little something to light up your day- a car repair or a pack of cigarettes.

Sometimes buying at the green market makes you see evil charecters in pension. 🤷‍♀️

Her name is Strawberry. She is a bee keeper and sells jars of honey. Liquid gold, a remedy of nature, that uplifts your body and soul.

Chicken egg master, Igor, will tell you a secret powers of eggs he’s selling. Eggs builds strong muscles cels like his, healthy brain- his mama told him he’s a clever boy, healthy eye sight- he sees like an eagle.. and healthy immune sistem- he was never sick in his life.

A good butcher, like Jozef, is important to have. It’s important to shrink.
This one is not for vegans or vegetarians..

Hope you buying your food from small businesses or at least healthy natural, eco, pure products.

See you soon, stay healthy, safe and happy 🙂

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