Little wonderland

Before Christmas time I was wandering how you get to make a mural as big as a skyscraper or decorating shop windows. One day, in the end of November, lady called me and ask me can I illustrate a winter story on glass panels of winter terrace.

The whole terrace is in glass panels, 2 panels on a sides are 2,5 meters long each, and 2 panels on a bottom are 3,6 meters long each, glass doors are made with 4 panels in different dimensions – but equals the panels on a bottom… and hight is 3,5 meters.

I’ve meet my client, and listened what she wanted.. Her idea was a winter story with all the right elements of wonderland. I’ve made a first scheme and in my mind was a winter in woods with animals like rabbits, foxes, deers… So client and I made corrections on scheme to get her idea to life.

The deadline was 3rd of December, and I’ve got about 6 days. That much I was illustrating glass panels, 6 long days, without any pattern, all made by hand with a chalk-like marker.

Experience was amazing – the neighbours were happy to see change, and seeing everyday something new, kids were recognising some elements of the story’s about Santa, one kid even try to lick candy cane…

I’m so tankful for this job opportunity, it was fun a bit hard, but in the end I was proud to be a magic maker for a neighbours and guests to enjoy winter wonderland in the favourite coffee bar. 🙂

Photo illustration

Last week I was doing a new little project a photo illustration. As I was finished with hate towards 2020. I tried to make something new. I had an idea long ago, to make illustration on a photo. Fist one that I’ve made was the one I’ve put in “About me” – where Bo and Om are cleaning my glasses. I’ve continued to make more photo illustrations.

Inspiration was everyday life and play. But it didn’t kick as I’ve expected. I think this series of illustration are not communicating to people as well as for example Advent ones. Maybe photo illustration is harder than it seams. What do you think?

I am making one more series right now, with a cohesive theme and maybe it will be better than first one. We’ll see. ‘Til than, click here to see photo illustrations. 🙂